Caring for our Environment

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

At Countrywide, we believe it is our duty to lower our emissions and minimise our carbon footprint wherever possible. That’s why we’ve taken an active approach to implement the following practices across all of our operations.

We keep it local.

To minimise the use of fuels during travel, we recruit locally and plan all journeys to ensure the shortest route is taken, minimising fuel emissions and usage, as well as staff downtime. 

We choose environmentally efficient vehicles and machinery.

All machinery is selected with fuel efficiency as a key consideration for purchase. Our machinery and vehicles are checked daily in line with Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER), where defects are promptly rectified to ensure optimum efficiency. 

We source our materials sustainably.

We take care to verify the materials we use are sustainably sourced and aim to procure locally where practical. All timber products used are sourced from FSC certified (or equivalent) suppliers, and all planting materials are bought, where available, in peat-free or peat-reduced compost. No peat or peat containing products are used for general soil improvement.

We work to identify environmental solutions.

Wherever possible, we won’t use chemicals on site and will work with Facilities Managers and on-site management teams to identify ecological and environmental solutions to resolve any issues and enhance open spaces. 

In addition to following the practices stated above, we also set quantifiable annual targets to reduce our environmental impacts. Targets for this year include reducing:

  • Number of fuel spillages within depots.
  • Energy used at all depots and offices.
  • Amount of water used at depots and offices.
  • Average annual CO2 vehicle emissions, fuel consumption and mileage per vehicle, through driver training, improved job scheduling and route planning.
  • Amount of waste to landfill, increasing the amount that is recycled.
  • Replacing vehicles over 5 years old with newer, more efficient vehicles.

We monitor our performance for these targets monthly and review them quarterly so that we can evaluate our outputs and determine how to continuously improve our delivery.