environment and compliance

Environment and Compliance

Our Commitment To The Environment

At Countrywide, we see ourselves as guardians of the environment and the communities we work within. We recognise that it is our duty to ensure good environmental management is practised in all contracts and projects that we are involved in, as we strive to minimise our impact on the natural world.

By operating in a manner that meets and exceeds the requirements of  ISO 14001, we seek to demonstrate a positive environmental commitment to our customers, employees, and partners.

How we achieve our environmental commitment:

  • Identifying all environmental impacts the company may contribute to through its acts or omissions
  • Strictly complying with all relevant legal requirements, regulations, codes of practice and customer directives
  • Regularly measuring and evaluating our environmental performance and improving where possible
  • Promoting a culture of continual environmental improvement throughout the company
  • Increasing awareness and providing training to all our employees and customers to ensure environmentally responsible concepts are integrated into standard practices
  • Identifying and mitigating against potential accidents that could result in an environmental impact, so that if an accident did occur the consequences would be minimised
  • Minimising the storage and use of all articles and substances providing a substantial environmental hazard, where appropriate
  • Minimising waste through a commitment to the principles of the Hierarchy of Waste Management
  • Maintaining awareness of innovations in equipment or machinery to minimise its environmental impact
  • Maintaining certification to ISO 14001

Our Environmental Policy is continually monitored and updated, particularly when changes in the scale and nature of our operations occur. This policy is evaluated as part of the overall review of the Integrated Management System to ensure its stated objectives are met.