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Countrywide Grounds Maintenance will help complete your tree surgery needs by offering stump removal services for your business.


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Why is stump removal important?

At times simply cutting down the tree is enough for a client as this can prevent certain hazards from afflicting their commercial space. However, certain risks can remain present if you elect to leave the stump in the ground: it not only impacts the aesthetic of the area but can in fact lead to other issues that need to be rectified. That is why tree stump removal is often considered the final step in a successful arboriculture job.

If for example you have a tree outside of your commercial building that has been removed, leaving a stump in the ground can pose a trip hazard or path blockage to those wandering the area. Likewise, if you own a sports field which has become slightly overgrown, the grass could in fact conceal the tree stump creating yet another trip hazard for those in the area. Once concealed, the stump poses a risk to garden machinery being used to cut the surrounding grass, leading to further unwanted costs for yourself.

Another issue that often is not considered, is the impact a tree stump can have on other plants in the area. As a tree stump is still an organism, it can take away valuable nutrients from nearby plants. As it takes away nutrients from the nearby soil, the stump will begin to grow new shoots. Without removing the stump, you will need to spend a lot of time removing these shoots. This may not seem like a hard task, but it could quickly become very time consuming and take energy away from your everyday tasks.

An unremoved tree stump may also provide a home for unsightly fungi to grow near your business. Fungi is not only unsightly, but in some cases dangerous to visitors who may be on your premises. Just like new tree shoots, these could just be removed, but without knowing the type of mushroom that has grown, you could be putting yourself at risk. You could also be putting your customers or any person that approaches the spores at risk of becoming ill.

Get rid of tree stumps with Countrywide

Tree stump removal can be a tough task which is why it should be left to the experts with the right tools at hand. As tempting as it might be to tie a rope round a stump and pull it away with a car, this isn’t controlled and can present unforeseen circumstances. Getting rid of tree stumps through a professional team such as Countrywide means it can be tackled piece by piece.

Controlled removal also limits damage to the surrounding turf that otherwise could be unnecessarily damaged if taken into your own hands. Using our tools and expertise, you can leave the tree stump removal to our local teams and continue to run your business.

Contact our teams today to find out what we can do to help with both tree stump removal and several of our other grounds maintenance services.

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