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What is tree surgery?

Tree maintenance is essential on commercial premises. The look of your trees can set a great first impression. However, they require a high level of care to maintain them.

Tree surgery is the general treatment of trees to promote regrowth and health, carried out by either arborists or tree surgeons. There are a variety of different methods that tree surgeons use to encourage the regrowth of individual trees.

If, for example, wood rot is identified in a specific branch high up in a tree, a tree surgeon will look to climb and remove the branch so that the rot doesn’t spread through the remaining tree, thus giving extra life to the greenery.

Countrywide’s tree surgery services

Our tree teams have the required equipment on their vans as standard to ensure they can deal with most tree emergencies as soon as they arrive on site. This ensures they can deal with the initial incident, such as a tree blocking a road, cutting and moving it to a suitable and safe location before larger equipment, which may be required for full site removals, arrives.

Countrywide offers several services to help maintain tree growth and aesthetic:<

  • Crown reduction: A thick tree canopy limits the light that breaks through to the lower branches of a tree, causing limited growth for smaller branches. The purpose of crown reduction is to reduce the canopy of the tree. With a thinned-out canopy, the proper nutrients can break through and promote regrowth and better health for the tree, leading to a longer life. Crown reduction is also needed to limit the spread of infections. If your commercial space has many trees next to each other, an untreated infection can spread quickly from tree to tree, which can cause a large-scale issue.
  • Crown lifting: This is a service that can work in tandem with crown reduction. Crown lifting aims to remove unwanted branches from the lower portion of the tree’s crown. These could be branches that have already lost leaves and become “useless”. Removing these unwanted branches allows light to reach lower portions of the tree where needed. Another benefit of crown lifting is that where branches may droop and interfere with passersby, lifting the crown will remove these potential hazards. These hazards can include damage to vehicles passing by or branches falling off during bad weather conditions.
  • Tree pollarding: This tree surgery technique may fall more into the extreme end of regrowth methods but can give your trees a fresh look. More often used with newer trees, pollarding involves the removal of branches and leaves from the tree and leave just the trunk. By doing this, a tree surgeon aims to ‘train’ your younger trees to regrow in a more uniform way. This can be particularly beneficial if your commercial space sits within a cityscape that requires more uniform growth. Tree pollarding can also help if you have limited space as the tree can be ‘trained’ to make the best use of the space surrounding it. Removal of problem branches can also limit the chance of infection spreading in and around the tree.

Qualifications and Training

Our teams have all the recommended qualifications to complete all types of tree work:

  • Level 3 extended diploma in arboriculture
  • LANTRA Professional Tree Inspector
  • CS30,CS31,CS38,CS39,CS41, manual fed woodchipper, safe use of stump grinder, safe use of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs)
  • Aerial rescue trained grounds operatives, who have their chipper ticket, cs30,cs31, and other tickets for power tools

Having a team with all the recommended qualifications is incredibly important. Trees are complex and potentially dangerous living organisms, any work done must be carried out with precision and care to avoid injury to people or property. The qualifications listed, such as the Level 3 extended diploma in arboriculture, LANTRA Professional Tree Inspector, and various power tools and equipment tickets, demonstrate a high level of expertise and knowledge. It’s essential to work with a team with the qualifications and training to ensure that the job is completed safely, efficiently, and to the highest possible standard.

Safety Standards

All our procedures incorporate safe systems of working and form part of the internal quality control. These include the Arboricultural & Forestry Advisory Group (AFAG) guidelines published by the HSE and the Guide to Good Climbing Practice and Guide to use of MEWPS in Arboriculture published by the Arboricultural Association.

Tree works are potentially hazardous by nature. However, our training in work procedures, safe working and management systems ensure that the works are completed safely.

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With 40+ local teams across the country, Countrywide has the manpower and tools available to provide you an efficient and professional tree surgery service. Tree surgery works with a number of different services, such as tree stump removal, tree felling and tree surveys. It is important you think about what you’re after for your commercial business. Once you have an idea, our survey team can analyse the space and offer you the best advice to proceed. Contact our teams today to find out how we can help you with your tree surgery requirements and bring a new lease of life to your space.

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