Like many people these days we at Countrywide are committed to protecting and enhancing the environment both natural and man-made, now and for the future.


We will, if required, responsibly manage and maintain your grounds in a way that protects and if possible enhances the existing ecological value with such things as wildflower meadows, mixed hedgerows, wet areas (ponds, etc.) and sustaining and promoting wildlife through the formation of habitats that encourage beneficial insects and other wildlife.


We can also, by changing from traditional grass cutting arrangements to practices that consider nature as well as user needs, create a richer, more attractive open space and natural environment for people and wildlife to enjoy.


Case Study


We have for one of our larger customers helped them change some very undiverse (flat, regularly mown grass) areas round their factory site, into much more diverse areas, both visually and environmentally by planting multi species native hedges with native trees including Wild Pear, Bird Cherry, Gean, Rowan, Service Tree, Field Maple, Hornbeam and Crab Apple.


Also 5 mini woodlands were added, with large multi-stemmed Silver Birch under planted with Wood Spurge, Lily of the Valley and Snowdrops.


Wildflower meadows have also been planted with some 35 species in them along with some large raised beds planted with partnership shrubs (native and non-native) and native wild flowers including Foxgloves, Sweet Woodruff, Heather, Wood Cranesbill, Nottingham Catchfly, Jacobs Ladder, Harebells, Snowdrops and Wild Daffodils. All of which provide a very long flowering season from February through to September/October providing food and habitats for a wide range of insects including bees, hoverfly’s, butterflies, moths, etc.


The whole area is now managed to maximise the new plantings potential and further areas will be developed over time.


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