site clearance and waste removal


Emergency Planning College

Emergency Planning College

Serco is an international facilities company that improves the quality and efficiency of essential services, appointed by the Cabinet Office to manage and operate the UK’s Emergency Planning College.

When we took over the site it had not been maintained properly for many months and was in need of urgent attention to bring it up to the specification required. To do this we initially provided a team of 12 men over a weekend to commence the site improvement work complete with various types of equipment. Subsequently, a team of eight men attended site over several more days to concentrate on the shrubs & shrub beds to bring them back up to standard.

The site is owned by The Cabinet Office and is used as a training college for chiefs of the police, fire brigade and ambulance services as well as the armed forces. The site is a vast country estate which is now also in great demand for weddings due to the superb grounds. The site also includes large woodlands with country paths, these all need regularly maintaining to ensure that residents & students can fully enjoy the beautiful setting.



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