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We always put our customers' needs first. This ensures that we consistently deliver a unique high-quality service that satisfies the requirements of each contract, its sites and stakeholders."


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Enhance the visual appeal and professional image of your commercial properties with our expert planted area maintenance services. Thoughtfully designed and meticulously maintained shrubs and herbaceous beds can significantly elevate the ambiance of parks, business premises, and public spaces. This attention to detail sets your community, business, or leisure facility apart from the competition.

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Our Comprehensive Services Include

Corporate Landscape Maintenance
Tailored maintenance solutions for corporate environments to maintain a professional look.

Business Garden Maintenance
Comprehensive garden maintenance services for business premises to keep them looking pristine.

Shrub Bed Maintenance
Regular maintenance of shrub beds to ensure they remain healthy and visually appealing.

Commercial Shrub Pruning and Removal
Expert commercial shrub pruning to keep shrubs healthy and aesthetically pleasing, and safe removal of overgrown or unwanted shrubs.

Industrial Planting Services
Robust planting and maintenance solutions for industrial sites to improve aesthetic and functionality.

Business Mulching and Bedding Preparation
Applying mulch and preparing bedding to ensure optimal soil health, moisture retention, and weed control.

Commercial Planting and Trimming
Regular commercial planting maintenance and trimming services to maintain a clean and inviting appearance.

General Shrubbery Maintenance
Including hoeing, digging, and cutting to keep bedding and shrubbery neat and attractive.

Office Planting Services
Specialised planting services to enhance office exteriors and interiors.

Retail Park Plant Maintenance
Dedicated maintenance services to ensure retail parks remain attractive to visitors.

Public Park Planting Services
Professional planting services for public parks to create vibrant and welcoming green spaces.

Tailored Solutions for Various Commercial Clients

Our local teams specialise in creating and maintaining striking planted areas for a wide range of commercial clients. We currently serve:

  • Schools
  • Housing Developments
  • Offices
  • Leisure Facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping Centres
  • Public Parks & Community Gardens
  • And more…

Why Choose Us?

Experienced Professionals

Our friendly, responsive, and reliable teams are all full-time employees, ensuring a high standard of training and commitment to exceptional service. They live within the communities they serve, bringing a genuine passion for enhancing local environments.

Customised Service

We work closely with each client, from management to on-site personnel, to deliver a seamless service that meets your specific requirements.

High-Quality Standards

We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of plant care, including proper stem care, soil moisture management, fertilisation, and disease prevention.

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Additional Benefits for Your Business

Opting for professional landscape maintenance services can improve the look of your business property, making a positive impact on clients, employees, and visitors.

A well-maintained landscape reflects the quality and professionalism of your business, enhancing your brand image and contributing to a pleasant and productive environment.

Our sustainable practices ensure that all maintenance activities are environmentally friendly, supporting your company’s green initiatives. By using our services, you enhance the appearance of your property and support environmental preservation, demonstrating your dedication to corporate social responsibility.

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Transform your commercial spaces with our professional commercial planted area maintenance services. Whether you need to create new planted areas or maintain existing ones, our local teams are ready to enhance your space.

Get in touch with your local team today to discover how we can improve your commercial planted areas.

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