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Over time, it’s inevitable that parks and playgrounds will suffer from wear and tear, bringing the requirement for regular maintenance and repairs. At Countrywide, we offer a specialist park and playground maintenance service to keep your equipment in the very best condition and ensure the safety of your visitors at all times.

Items such as handles, shackles, bolts and fixings can all deteriorate and loosen, with the potential to cause injury and lead to costly compensation claims. Regular playground maintenance and repairs also extend the life of your most popular pieces of play equipment and help to delay the requirement for replacements.

Our UK-wide team has been carrying out park maintenance and repairs for schools, commercial plays areas and council-owned parks for more than 30 years. We offer a range of inspection, maintenance, repair and refurbishment services to meet your particular needs. That includes:

  • Replacement timbers
  • Replacement ropes & nets
  • Repairs, cleaning and revival of play surfacing
  • Repainting metal work
  • Replacement fixings & caps
  • Canopy cleaning
  • Creating new and redoing existing playground markings
  • Removal and replacement of damaged equipment

We offer both one-off and ongoing maintenance packages, so you’re sure to find a solution that suits you. Every one of our professional, highly trained playground maintenance teams has access to certified and qualified professionals that can advise on all play equipment, irrespective of the original supplier.

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