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We pride ourselves on upholding the Gold Standard in Commercial Landscape Construction We're not only certified by a broad range of governing bodies but are also dedicated to delivering unparalleled quality. Our accreditations include ISO9001 for Quality Management, OHSAS 18001 for Health and Safety, and ISO14001 for Environmental Management.


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Elevate Your Business’s Outdoor Space with Expert Landscape Construction

In the commercial sector, landscape construction goes beyond mere aesthetics; it’s about creating a lasting impression on clients and stakeholders. It’s about crafting spaces that mirror your brand’s ethos and professionalism.

Why Businesses Choose Countrywide for Landscape Construction

Every element, from the choice of flora to the design of pathways, shapes how clients perceive your business. We specialise in commercial landscape construction, offering a harmonious blend of nature and structure. Stay ahead with our contemporary and sustainable landscaping solutions.

Transformative Landscape Construction Tailored for Your Business

Our portfolio showcases projects from corporate parks to educational institutions. Experience the transformative power of landscape construction that aligns with your business vision, enhancing property value and client perception.

Begin Your Commercial Landscape Construction Journey

Transform your business’s outdoor space into a strategic asset. Whether you’re conceptualising a new project or revamping an existing one, Countrywide is your trusted partner. Contact us for a consultation tailored to your business needs.

Our Comprehensive Landscape Construction Services Include:

  • Hard landscaping for robust structures
  • Soft landscaping to enhance aesthetics.
  • Innovative terraces and roof gardens
  • Safe and engaging playgrounds
  • Multi-functional games areas

We collaborate closely with businesses, understanding your objectives, and offering expert advice on materials and finishes. Our efficient methods save on construction time, reduce disruption, and ensure cost-effectiveness. The result? A business outdoor space that impresses for years.

View our past projects or read testimonials from our satisfied B2B clients.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our Commercial Landscape Construction Service

1. What is commercial landscape construction?

Commercial landscape construction involves the design, planning, and implementation of landscaping projects for commercial properties. This can include both soft landscaping (planting, lawns, etc.) and hard landscaping (paving, structures, etc.).

2. Why is landscape construction important for businesses?

Landscape construction enhances the aesthetic appeal of a commercial property, making it more inviting to clients and visitors. A well-maintained outdoor space can also boost employee morale and reflect positively on a company’s brand image.

3. What services does Countrywide Grounds offer in landscape construction?

Countrywide Grounds offers a comprehensive range of services, including hard and soft landscaping, terraces and roof gardens, playgrounds, and multi-use games areas.

4. How does Countrywide Grounds ensure the quality of their services?

Countrywide Grounds is accredited to ISO9001 standard for Quality Management, OHSAS 18001 for Health and Safety, and ISO14001 for Environmental Management. This ensures that they uphold the highest standards in every project.

5. How can I get started with a landscape construction project for my business?

You can contact Countrywide Grounds for a personalised consultation. Their team will guide you through the process, from initial design to final implementation.

6. How does Countrywide Grounds manage costs and disruptions during construction?

Countrywide Grounds prioritises efficient construction methods to save time and money. They aim to minimise disruptions and offer cost-effective solutions that provide long-term value.

7. Do you have experience working with different sectors?

Yes, Countrywide Grounds has worked with a wide range of industry sectors, including schools, universities, housing developments, commercial enterprises, and local authority sites.

8. How do I maintain my commercial landscape after construction?

Countrywide Grounds also offers grounds maintenance services to ensure that your outdoor space remains in top condition. Regular maintenance can prolong the life of your landscape features and keep them looking their best.

Our Accreditations

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