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Looking After Your Lawns

At Countrywide, we know that well-maintained lawns are an essential part of the presentation of your grounds. First impressions matter, and a well-kept lawn is the perfect way to show that your organisation places high importance on professionalism and attention to detail. Catering to organisations including schools, housing associations and retailers, we offer a range of grass-cutting and lawn treatment services to ensure your lawns are always kept neat and tidy. If your outdoor areas are in need of maintenance, Countrywide will always endeavour to provide the highest standard of service.

Grass Cutting

Poorly-maintained lawns can reflect badly on your business, leaving it feeling shabby and unloved. At Countrywide, we are dedicated to providing a professional and efficient service, leaving your lawns looking smart and revitalised with minimal fuss. Our team of grass-cutting experts use modern machinery to bring even the most untidy of lawns back to their best in no time. They’ll also strim or hand-cut grass around obstacles such as trees and furniture, ensuring it’s the same height in all places.

Whether you’re a school looking to promote a relaxing environment for your pupils or a high-class hotel that wants to maximise your appeal to visitors, Countrywide’s grass-cutting service is the ideal way to ensure your premises look as attractive and welcoming as possible. Our professional grass-cutting service also extends to sports pitches; a meticulously prepared pitch is key to maximising your enjoyment of your chosen sport, and Countrywide is happy to help.


Lawn scarifying is an essential service for maintaining the quality of your grass, ensuring your lawns always look in peak condition. When dead grass gathers just above the soil, it can prove problematic to your lawn, building up as thatch and preventing air and water from reaching the soil and allowing your grass to grow properly.

Of course, your lawns will never look their best if the grass doesn’t grow as it should – and it’s important that visitors see your site at its best. Thankfully, Countrywide’s team of specialists are highly-trained in lawn scarifying, where curved blades are used to remove thatch and other detritus in order to give grass a chance to grow as it should. With our help, your lawns need never look anything less than flawless.

Grass Edging

Keeping your lawns in great condition is not as simple as merely running a lawnmower over longer patches of grass. The small details matter, and scruffy edges can undermine all the hard work you put into maintaining your lawn, leaving visitors with a negative first impression of your business. At Countrywide, we employ a range of cutting-edge tools to keep your grass edges neat and tidy, and provide the finishing touches to your lawn – the ideal way to show that your organisation takes pride in its professional appearance.

As the UK’s number one grounds maintenance contractor, we have years of experience providing the very highest standard of lawn treatment and other groundskeeping services in your area. We have teams in all parts of the UK, all of whom take pride in offering a high standard of service to their local community. They always arrive in uniform, and with a polite and friendly demeanour, so you can relax knowing that you’re in safe hands.

We cater to a range of organisations including schools, hotels and sports centres, so if you think your grass is in need of maintenance, feel free to give us a call today.

Feel free to give us a call today on 0800 234567.

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