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Keeping Your Shrubs in Shape

At Countrywide, we know that first impressions are important – it doesn’t reflect well on your business if visitors are faced with a poorly-maintained site upon arrival. Thankfully, our team of experts is highly trained in all aspects of shrub bed maintenance, one of the key elements of a well-maintained site.
Countrywide’s comprehensive service covers everything from shrub pruning to and weed control, and our list of satisfied clients span a wide range of organisations including hotels, housing associations and retailers – whatever your requirements, we’re confident we’ll be able to deliver excellent results. Our local workforce provide a tailored service to ensure your shrub beds are always trim, tidy and attractive, using their many years of experience and keen eye for detail to offer the high standard of service you expect.

Shrub and Rosebush Pruning

Well-maintained shrubs and rose bushes can add a touch of class to any environment, whether you’re looking to entice customers into your shop or presenting the stylish backdrop that guests expect from your luxury hotel. Maintaining those shrub and rose bushes can be easier said than done, however – it requires skill, patience and no little expertise. Countrywide’s team of trained professionals have years of experience in the industry, and know exactly what it takes to ensure your bushes are kept in pristine condition.
Regular pruning is an essential part of shrub bed maintenance, encouraging flowering and retaining the shrub’s shape while preventing the onset of diseases which can stunt growth or even kill the plant. We generally recommend pruning shrubs every six weeks, although we tailor our pruning methods to the needs of your site and the requirements of the individual species. We always aim to maintain definition between species of shrubs, while lower cuts can be required to ensure the visibility of vehicles, pedestrians, lighting, signs and access points. Our local workforce are highly-skilled and responsive, identifying and solving pruning issues in a polite and professional manner.


Mulching is an essential part of maintaining your shrub beds, helping ensure your gardens remain neat and tidy while protecting the roots during the cold winter months. Countrywide employs a range of tools to provide the optimum mulching service, which is beneficial to your shrubs in numerous ways: not only does it reduce the potential for stems being damaged by mowers, it also helps your shrubs to retain soil moisture, fertilises the soil and helps to prevent the growth of weeds.
With years of experience and an efficient, professional approach, Countrywide’s local workforce always endeavour to deliver the best possible service to your organisation, lending your premises a classy look which visitors are sure to appreciate.

Shrub Hoeing and Digging

Our team of shrub bed maintenance experts are experienced in hoeing and digging, two techniques which are key to the upkeep of your shrub beds. Weeds can cause major problems when it comes to your beds, preventing the growth of nearby shrubs and flowers – so quick and decisive action is essential.

Countrywide’s hoeing service is a simple way to ensure your shrub beds are free of weeds quickly and easily, while digging is an alternative method for more stubbornly rooted weeds. A well-maintained shrub bed or two can be a great way of showing that your organisation takes pride in its appearance, and Countrywide’s local workforce have the experience and expertise to provide the very best service.

At Countrywide, our comprehensive approach to shrub bed maintenance works on a simple premise: we know that no two gardens are alike, and every site requires a tailored approach to ensure the best possible results. Our team of experts have vast experience along with a wealth of local knowledge and a friendly yet professional approach. If you’re looking for dependable, effective shrub bed maintenance – or you have any other grounds maintenance requirements – make sure to give Countrywide Grounds Maintenance a call today.

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