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Making Your Pitch Perfect

Whether you’re a school, local council or sports centre, the condition of your sports fields is key – if they’re out of action, it can lead to financial loss and students without any avenues for exercise. Of course, during the rainy months, your pitches require more maintenance than ever to ensure they remain useable and safe, and it can be a tricky task keeping them in full working order if they’re being used regularly. Thankfully, Countrywide is here to help.
We work proactively with clients to identify events which require specific attention, such as sports days and competitive fixtures, and our team of qualified experts offer a wide range of services including grass cutting, line marking and maintenance and installation of goal posts, ensuring your pitches remain well-maintained and safe all year round.

Grass Maintenance

When it comes to your sports pitches, the first thing to consider is the quality of the grass being used. Games such as football and cricket require short, well-maintained grass, so regular mowing is essential. Equally, your pitches may need regular scarifying – the process by which dead grass is removed to allow the soil to get air and water more easily – in order to grow efficiently.

Of course, another option to consider is artificial grass. This popular alternative to natural turf is easy to manage and retains its bold green colour all year round, ensuring your pitches are safe and welcoming no matter the weather. At Countrywide, we have the expertise to install all types of artificial grass, working closely with specialist supplier Perfectly Green to provide the surface that’s best suited to your needs. So, whether you’re providing much-needed exercise time for students or giving amateur sportsmen and women a place to practise, we’ll be happy to help.

Line Marking

Even well-maintained sports pitches need regular remarking to make sure games are not affected. Paint markings will inevitably wear off over time, and if they aren’t remarked quickly and efficiently, games can quickly be disrupted, making life more difficult for players and officials alike. This can be particularly problematic in winter when rain and mud can cover or remove markings. Having a dependable, professional line-marking specialist on hand will ensure your pitches are back in full working order as soon as possible.

Countrywide’s line-marking team have experience working with a range of organisations including sports centres, schools and housing associations, so whatever your pitch requirements, we’re sure we’ll be able to help. Our team pride themselves on their professional approach, and always endeavour to deliver the very highest of standards.

Top dressing

Top dressing is a vital element of maintaining your sports pitches, offering a number of key benefits. Not only does adding a top dressing of soil onto the pitch smooth out the playing surface, but it also makes it easier for the soil to take in air and water, allowing the pitch to grow more efficiently. Our workforce pride themselves on their attention to detail, and will know the best course of action for your specific needs. So, if your pitches are in need of top dressing by trained professionals, make sure to get in touch today.

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