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The upkeep of your trees is an essential part of maintaining an attractive and welcoming site. First impressions matter, and it’s important that your grounds look their best; unkempt or decaying trees are unlikely to reflect well upon your organisation in the eyes of visitors. That’s where we come in – Countrywide’s team offer the skill and professional expertise to ensure your trees remain healthy and safe all year round. Our highly-trained arborists all live in the area and boast many years in the industry, with a detailed knowledge of all local species of tree, ensuring you receive the tailored, comprehensive service your grounds need. With a long list of satisfied customers including schools, hotels and housing associations, whatever your tree surgery needs, we’re sure we’ll be able to help.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is an extensive form of tree pruning which involves removing weight from the ends of branches, and is an essential part of tree maintenance requiring an experienced arborist to identify problems and provide effective solutions. There are many reasons why your trees may need crown reduction: as trees grow, they naturally experience a degree of decay, particularly at the ends of branches where cracks can form over time – and these ends must be removed quickly to prevent disease spreading. Crown reduction can also be needed in order to balance the shape of your trees – both for aesthetic and safety reasons – or to prevent branches obstructing nearby buildings or powerlines. Our experts always aim to clear any branches which impede the visibility of signage or access to lighting and power points.
At Countrywide, we believe in attention to detail – not only will we get your trees back in shape, we’ll also clear any fallen branches and twigs to ensure your grounds are as neat and tidy as you expect. Our team of expert arborists have a wealth of experience in crown reduction and always endeavour to deliver a service which is safe, efficient and dependable.

Stump Grinding

From time to time, you may find that you need to remove trees from your ground – they may be dead or dying, or present a safety risk to visitors to your site. Once the offending trees have been felled, however, the stumps are left behind. These can be unsightly, detracting from the look of your grounds – but removing them can prove tricky. Thankfully, Countrywide’s team of experts offer a simple solution: stump grinding.
Rather than removing the stump from the ground, this technique involves grinding the stump down – and once it’s been pulped, you can allow the roots to decay naturally over time. This process requires the professional expertise offered by Countrywide Grounds Maintenance, and you can rest assured our highly-trained workforce will provide the very highest standard of service.

Crown Lifting and Thinning

If your trees are causing access issues – perhaps the lower branches overhang your roads or walkways – or are blocking too much light, Countrywide’s crown lifting and thinning services may be exactly what you need. With years of experience in the field, our team of highly-skilled arborists will survey your site to work out exactly what sort of work is required, without altering the overall shape of your trees, so you can maintain your carefully-cultivated grounds without sacrificing accessibility or safety. Our policy is to clear any overhanging branches and epicormic growth to a height of 2.5m so that people can pass safely underneath without any problems – but we are happy to provide a tailored service if you have more specific requirements.

At Countrywide Grounds Maintenance, we take pride in the fact that our workers are highly competent, safe and reliable. We are recognised as the UK’s number one grounds maintenance contractor, with a dependable team of trained arborists who always make sure to provide a comprehensive, professional service. Our workers live locally, giving them a vested interest in delivering the best possible results for their community, and it also means that we minimise transport costs and downtime while limiting our carbon footprint and giving a boost to the local economy. If you’re looking for a reliable, professional tree surgery service, make sure to give Countrywide a call today.

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