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Taking Care of Your Trees

Well-maintained trees can give a real boost to your site’s look, whether helping to create a welcoming environment at your school or adding character to your hotel’s grounds. Keeping your trees in pristine condition is no easy task, however. As well as maintaining their appearance, you need to protect them from decay – damaged trees can be unsightly and even dangerous, as they can lead to falling branches. Countrywide’s team of experts have a wealth of experience in tree felling and other tree works, and have worked with a range of clients in various sectors. So, if the trees on your grounds are in need of maintenance, you’ve come to the right place.

Tree Felling

When a tree is dead or dying, it will generally need urgent removal for safety reasons. In some cases, it may be a preventative measure – for example, if a tree is beginning to lean dangerously and is likely to become a safety issue at a later date. Tall trees can create too much shade, making it difficult for the lawns underneath to grow properly, while you may find that your trees are growing close to your site, which can cause problems if the roots become entwined with phone lines and cables. Our experts are on hand to provide quick and effective solutions, and cut no corners during their work – they will even remove any fallen branches and twigs at the end of each visit.
Countrywide’s team of skilled professionals live locally and have a detailed knowledge of the species of trees which are indigenous to the area, allowing them to provide the very highest standard of service to your business. Our workforce have also been specially trained in all modern methods of tree felling and always undertake their work in a polite and professional manner.


Caused by everything from heavy storms to poor pruning, you may occasionally find that some of your trees are badly damaged – and you might believe that they require urgent removal. This is not always the case, though. Countrywide’s team of experts are trained in pollarding, which involves the removal of damaged branches, leaving just the main trunk. This method of tree surgery has a number of benefits – not only is it preferable to removing the tree entirely, but it can also strengthen the tree, giving it a better shape and making it easier for branches to grow in the future. Our skilled workforce have vast experience of pollarding, and pride themselves on their reliable, efficient service.

Tree Surveys

At Countrywide, we see ourselves as a local business with national support. While we enjoy a UK-wide reputation for excellent customer service, we believe that a local workforce with local expertise is the key to meeting our customer’s needs in the most efficient way possible. That is particularly true with regard to tree works, where knowledge of local species is important to providing a high standard of workmanship.
Our team of highly-skilled tree surveyors work diligently to identify any potential tree works which will need to be carried out, offering expert advice on how best to do so. We offer a comprehensive tree evaluation service covering every tree on your site and assess the health and safety of each one, clearing overhanging branches and epicormic growth to a height of 2.5m to maintain shape and integrity.

Countrywide Grounds Maintenance has earned its place as the UK’s number one grounds maintenance contractor, delivering a high standard of tree work and tree surgery alongside a range of other services. We know that the upkeep of your trees is essential to the look of your site, and we will do everything we can to ensure your trees are kept in peak condition. Our workforce always arrive in marked vans wearing full uniform, so you can be confident that your business is in the hands of true professionals.

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