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The presence of weeds can have a hugely negative impact on your business if not dealt with properly – but Countrywide’s team of highly-skilled weed control experts are on hand to consign your organisation’s weed problems to the past. Not only are weeds unsightly, but they also can hamper the growth of other plants and flowers, making it more difficult to give your premises the attractive, professional appearance you want. That’s where Countrywide comes in. We provide tailored solutions to a range of businesses including schools, housing associations and retailers, offering a range of weed control services including the removal of existing weeds and the identification of any potential future issues.

Weed Control

At Countrywide, we know that first impressions are everything when it comes to your business. If the first thing visitors see when they arrive on your grounds is a significant weed problem, they’re unlikely to be impressed – so it’s important that your business acts quickly and decisively when you encounter weeds. Thankfully, Countrywide has a team of highly-trained weed control experts who know everything there is to know about weeds and how to remove them. We employ a range of modern excavation tools as part of our weed control service, and all of our workers are specially trained in commercial weed spraying, so you can relax in the knowledge that you’re in the hands of experienced professionals.

Weed Identification

Countrywide Grounds Maintenance prides itself on offering local expertise backed by national support – our highly-trained workforce all live locally, which is particularly important when it comes to weed removal. Not only does employing a local workforce provide a boost to the local economy, minimise our carbon footprint and lower transport and downtime costs, but it also helps us to stay one step ahead when it comes to weed control problems. Because our team live locally, they have a wealth of experience of the types of weeds that are common to the area, so it is easier for them to quickly identify problems and find simple, effective solutions – ensuring your grounds will be weed-free and in peak condition in no time.

Invasive Species

While all weeds are problematic, some species of weed are more aggressive than others and need dealing with as quickly as possible. We have experience of dealing with a range of invasive weeds including Japanese knotweed, Himalayan balsam and Giant hogweed, all of which can be extremely damaging to your site if not confronted in a timely fashion. These non-native weeds grow at an alarming rate, suffocating the growth of the plants and flowers nearby – which is not ideal if you’re a school, hotel or housing association trying to promote an attractive and welcoming environment. Our team of experts are trained in the swift removal of invasive species using a combination of cutting-edge tools and pesticides, ridding your site of these weeds with minimal fuss or disruption.

Do You Have a Weed Problem?

Established as the UK’s number one grounds maintenance provider, Countrywide Grounds Maintenance is your first port of call if your site is in need of a weed control service or any other form of grounds maintenance. At Countrywide, we believe in contributing positively to the communities we work in, offering our expert services to a range of organisations including retailers, hotels and schools; whatever your business, we’re sure to provide the expertise you need to keep your premises looking their best. We always endeavour to deliver the very highest of standards, whatever your requirements, so if you’re looking for professional, reliable grounds maintenance, you’ve come to the right place.

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