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South Wales Overview

Since Countrywide Grounds Maintenance established its South Wales depot with Regional Managers Ian Michael & Richard Ball in 1997, it has gained vast local knowledge and extensive experience. Countrywide South Wales currently employs over 40 experienced grounds maintenance staff and maintains 1,500 sites.


It has 20 maintenance teams operating out of their three strategically placed depots at Neath, Haverford West and Cardiff, and is able to supply its quality services at any location across South Wales.


We have an array of customers, from local councils, schools, commercial sites and churches to leisure centres and housing associations. We currently provide grounds maintenance services to over 130 schools & colleges across South Wales, with all our staff being DBS/CRB checked.

Community Engagement


Countrywide Grounds Maintenance works with a number of community groups in South Wales including, Working Links, The Lift Programme and ISA Training. Countrywide has been working with The Lift Programme in Cardiff East since May 2014. Countrywide has been providing vocational training, work placements and employment for Lift participants as part of their contract with Cardiff Community Housing Association. Cardiff Community Housing Association are a registered social landlord who have a commitment to the Lift Programme and Countrywide have been supporting this initiative whole heartedly since the Lift programme began.

Carbon Reduction Programme


A Road Map to a Brighter Future

Countrywide Grounds Maintenance is committed to reducing the impact that our operations have on the environment by means of continuous improvement, and we are proud to announce our most recent innovation at our South Wales depot. We strongly believe the implementation of our three-stage road map will ensure Countrywide is at the forefront in creating a low emission company.


Biotech Wood Pellet Biomass Heating System

In December 2013 the Baglan depot installed a Biotech wood pellet heating system, a low omission, highly efficient system that is fuelled by wood pellets. The raw material used in the production of pellets is exclusively natural, the pellets are produced from wood by-products such as sawdust and wood chips. Burning of wood is almost carbon neutral because an equal amount of CO2 was absorbed by the tree when it was growing.


Battery Powered Work Equipment

January 2014 has seen the introduction of battery powered work equipment. The brush cutters, hedge cutters and leaf blowers will reduce our consumption of fossil fuels thus helping the environment. The work equipment is light, odourless, virtually noise-free and requires no petrol. The initial results from our first carbon natural team are very encouraging and we aim to substitute all hand held petrol equipment for battery-powered units by 2018. There are further benefits of battery powered equipment, not only reducing our reliance on fossil fuels but also reducing our noise emissions to practically zero, which can be a significant benefit for our customers during periods of work operations. Other benefits include the reduction of environmental incidents by the removal petrol and oil from the work place and the reduction in hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) for our operators. The engine has been designed to be more than 100% recyclable and zero direct carbon emissions.


Petrol Comparison        Electricity production    Direct Emissions

4 tons CO2/year    47 kg CO2/year    0 g CO2/year


Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV) technology

We completed the Countrywide carbon reduction road map with PV technology in May 2014. We installed a 22.5Kw array to our depot roof in Baglan Energy Park, to harness the sun’s energy, which will supply all our electricity requirements, including charging the batteries which are used to power the work equipment.



Green Infrastructure Projects

Countrywide has been involved in a number of green infrastructure projects (GIP) for a variety of customers, including schools, housing associations, local councils and the private sector.


Where possible we promote storm water management practices, such as green roofs, the planting of trees, the creation of rain gardens and permeable pavement and hard standing areas, that can capture and infiltrate rain where it falls, thus reducing storm water runoff and improving the health of surrounding waterways.


While there are different scales of green infrastructure, such as large swaths of land set aside for preservation, we believe the contribution of joint projects between our customers and Countrywide’s benefits the environment, particularly within the urban context.


Countrywide understand the ability of these practices to deliver multiple ecological, economic and social benefits or services has made green infrastructure an increasingly popular strategy in recent years. In addition to reducing polluted storm water runoff, GIP practices can also positively impact energy consumption, air quality, carbon reduction and sequestration, property prices, recreation and other elements of community health and vitality that have monetary or other social value. Furthermore, green infrastructure projects provide flexibility to communities faced with the need to adapt infrastructure to a changing climate. Projects delivered by Countrywide which have reduced urban heat, include:


The creation of a wild flower meadows at Sandfields housing estate for Neath Port Talbot Council

Creating flower and shrub displays in the nursery area at Traethmelyn Primary School

Providing free materials and labour to repair the pond dam for the prevention of flooding and danger        to wildlife at Bryncoch pond

Supplying and planting Christmas trees at DVLA Swansea

Supplying free labour and bark mulch for the improvement scheme at the inner court yards at       Comprehensive School


We have supported our customers to deliver awareness on environmental issues at a number of seminars. This is done with the aid of a stand, information sheets and a number of free gifts such as wild flower seeds to generate interest within the environment. Events have been undertaken with:


DVLA, Swansea

Valley to Coast Housing

Cardiff Community Housing Association

Public Health Wales Awards


In recognition of our continuous improvement and commitment to Health and Safety and the well-being of our employees, Countrywide Grounds Maintenance in South Wales has achieved the small workplace health awards, bronze, silver and gold. Run by the Welsh government, small workplace health awards is the quality mark for workplace health promotion in Wales.


To qualify for the bronze award the company demonstrated compliance to the health and safety at work act, specifically in terms of health monitoring. Particular attention has been paid to nutrition, taking positive steps to promote healthy eating and encouraging employees to drink the required daily amount of water. The company also installed several water dispensers for all employees and visitors use. Musculoskeletal Disorders was another area of focus, identifying key MSD risks and developing improvement plans aimed at securing the effective control of MSD risks.


To qualify for the silver award, the company demonstrated compliance to the Health and Safety at Work Act, specifically in terms of managing workplace pressure and stress. Particular attention was and continues to be observed to employee engagement whereby an employee representative role within the company was created. There was also a significant focus on the benefits of physical activities whereby company employees undertook bike rides, a bike to work scheme was introduced and a sponsored walk and events took place where money was raised for Cancer Research.


To qualify for the gold award, the company demonstrated compliance in terms of business outcomes, creating and implementing an action plan and championing healthy lifestyles. Environmental awareness, whereby the company proved significant improvement in environmental performance. Attendance management, whereby an in-depth analysis of absence levels was undertaken which will continue to be monitored. Also focus on two lifestyle topics, awareness of alcohol and drugs at work. We firmly believe that a healthy and safe workforce has provided wide reaching benefits for our business, our employees, our customers and the local community in which we work.

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