Artificial Grass, a new partnership

Countrywide Grounds Maintenance has joined forces with Perfectly Green, the UK’s leading supplier of artificial grass and associated products, to offer commercial and domestic customers a full range of artificial grasses.


This partnership enables Countrywide Grounds Maintenanceto provide a complete service to its customers from the preparation, through to the installation, maintenance and aftercare of the artificial grass. The grasses are specifically designed to suit schools, nurseries, urban landscapes, playgrounds, gardens and public amenities.


With over 14 years experience in artificial grass, Perfectly Green supplies grasses made from quality materials with a variety of densities and superior yarn technology, each giving a different look and feel. The grasses come in a range of pile heights to suit all budgets, preferences and comfort, with some ideal for children’s play and multi-use games areas, and others more appropriate for domestic gardens and urban landscaping. All the grass products are UV resistant, durable and supplied on a well-draining latex or polyurethane backing that can be cut to any shape and size.


As well as the range of turfs for landscaping, Perfectly Green has the ‘Playtime’ range of colourful artificial grass shapes and designs, which add learning to a safe and fun environment for children to play on. Installed with any of the Perfectly Green grasses, ‘Playtime’ provides a clean and dry environment for the children all year round, as well as a non-abrasive, soft and cushioned surface, which is highly durable and requires minimal maintenance, with just the occasional brushing required.


Before carrying out any projects, Countrywide Grounds Maintenance completed the renowned Perfectly Green Academy training programme to learn about the extensive product range and associated products.


Paul Mckeown, Managing Director of Countrywide Grounds Maintenance, comments: “Artificial grass is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to natural grass as it offers a realistic, quality lawn grass, that means less work – no watering, fertilizing, or mowing – and more time to enjoy and relax in a space that looks good all year round.


Knowing which grass to choose can be confusing for customers, but partnering with Perfectly Green means we can offer a wide selection of high quality realistic artificial grass. The grass is versatile and the most natural-looking in the marketplace, I was so impressed I have already had it installed at my home!”


Gerard O’Driscoll, Sales Director of Perfectly Green, added: “We are delighted to join forces with Countrywide Grounds Maintenance as they are a longstanding commercial groundskeeping service with many years of experience and expertise. We have been in the artificial grass market for over a decade and pride ourselves on the standard of service we offer, and we know that standard of service is safe in Countrywide Grounds Maintenance’s hands.”