Countrywide Grounds creates largest bike on the 2018 Tour de Yorkshire

Filey Junior School proudly welcomed the 2018 Tour de Yorkshire on 5th May with its new land art of a giant road bike, which was created by Countrywide Grounds (North Yorkshire), the UK’s number one professional grounds maintenance contractor.

Approached by the school a couple of weeks prior to the race, Countrywide designed and painted the giant bike onto the playing fields enabling both the cyclists and spectators to get a view of the art as they passed through the town. The bike, which was 25 metres long by 12 metres in height, incorporated the school and Tour de Yorkshire logos in both wheels.

Sir Gary Verity, Yorkshire Chief Executive, visited the school and complemented the pupils on
their innovative creation. “It’s the first time the race is coming to Filey, and to get the reception
from the school kids and to see the hard work they’ve done with the land art, is really special.”

Pete Morton, Regional Manager of Countrywide North and East Yorkshire, was thrilled to be
involved in this year’s Tour de Yorkshire, saying: “We jumped at the chance to work with Filey
Junior School to develop an eye-catching image of an oversized bike and it has been so well received from everyone in the local community, as well as the cyclists and race organisers. Although it is not the first time we have been involved in creating land art for the Tour, we have
never done anything before on this scale. As a Countrywide franchisee, we are extremely proud to have played a part in this great national event.”