World Recycling Week at Countrywide

At Countrywide, we’re committed to operating sustainably and making a positive difference to the environment. World Recycling Week is a great time to recognise the fantastic work carried out by our franchises and the steps we take to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

“Operating our business in a way that cares for the environment has never been more important than it is today. We strive to do the right thing in a responsible way for the benefit of our stakeholders, communities, and the environment” – Tony Cammiss, Countrywide Managing Director.

We have adopted the following practices across our network to make sure we operate sustainably and responsibly:


We strive to recycle 100% of green waste generated by our work which is taken away from our sites and composted to be used as fertiliser.

If composting isn’t possible, such as much larger vegetation and wood, we break these down using brushwood chippers and then reuse the final product as mulch in our future work. Additionally, general litter including glass, plastic and metal is separated where possible for more convenient recycling.


Our locally based teams responsibly store their waste oil in large re-sealable drums and when full, we arrange collection from a professional waste oil collection company who will then recycle the oil.

Any oil spills at our sites are cleaned and removed using specialised oil spill kits and disposed of responsibly. Additionally, our staff will always use protective oil-resistant gloves if they are handling oil.


When our teams encounter weeds that require removal, only environmentally friendly products are used and every precaution is taken to avoid pollution to the wider environment.

All used pesticide containers must be triple rinsed including the spraying mechanism and then stored in a secure area. We will also reuse containers wherever possible. Once we have accumulated enough containers for collection, a licensed contractor will remove and recycle the empty containers.

We take additional steps to ensure that our licensed contractors have the correct certification and licenses. Copies of these documents are retained and each collection comes with waste transfer notes which are kept on file for three years.


At Countrywide, we make every effort to maximise our energy efficiency across our operations. This includes the use of low-energy light bulbs and making sure electrical equipment is turned off after use. Our offices have the correct bins to dispose of waste responsibly to ensure recycling is carried out wherever possible and we water our plants with stored rainwater.

Why Countrywide?

We have over 30 years of experience, creating outstanding installations for a wide range of grounds maintenance projects. We have teams in 46 locations across the UK, servicing over 10,000 sites each year whilst operating responsibly and protecting the environment.

To learn more about how we can support your business with grounds maintenance, contact us today.